Physical Therapy for Women, P.C.

Sport & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy By Paddy Jarit

Trumbull, CT

Fairfield, CT

Who we are and what we do

Our Trumbull office is dedicated to specialized women's physical therapy needs.

We are available at a variety of convenient times to help work around your schedule.

Target Your Goals

Following an in-depth, one-on-one evaluation, we help you achieve your individual goals.

About Us

Paddy Jarit, Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer, in conjunction with his experienced physical therapy staff, has been serving the Fairfield County population at his private practice Physical Therapy for Women, P.C. in Trumbull, CT since 1999. The staff's unique approach to one-on-one specialized care has been received extraordinarily well. Their popularity, along with the frequent request to treat the male population in the same kind of atmosphere, led to the opening of their second facility in 2002, Sport & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy by Paddy Jarit which is located in Fairfield, CT.

Physical Therapy for Women, P.C. provides services exclusively for women in both the Trumbull and Fairfield centers. Sport & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy by Paddy Jarit provides services for both men and women. Both centers offer expanded sports and orthopaedic programs.

PJ headshot

Paddy Jarit (Owner)


"The dedication and knowledge of my staff sustains my continual passion to bring extra high-quality physical therapy to all populations within our community."

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Noël C DeGray (Therapist, Dir. Clinical Services)


"My passionate goal, after making sure each one of my patients is comfortable, is to help them focus on regaining their overall health. Through rigorous continuing education courses, I can always feel confident that I am current on every option available to our patients and to our practice."

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Juan Soto (Therapist)


"As a former professional and intercollegiate athlete, I have been on both sides of the therapy/patient relationship. After undergoing two reconstructive knee surgeries, I believe my personal experiences with physical therapy bring a unique perspective to not only the staff but also the patients that I treat."

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Barbara Cooper (Therapist)


“We always strive to provide our patients with the highest quality, individualized care, in a compassionate and supportive environment. This, combined with our strong emphasis on empowering individuals with the knowledge necessary to help themselves, assures the best possible results for our patients.”